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#1 Re: Help - Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro » Nirsoft downloads failing » 2021-12-07 18:21:53

Thanks I'll try that. Just a frustration that the spyware removal tool gets rid of them then it was easier to just switch it off and re-download from within the program.

#2 Help - Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro » Nirsoft downloads failing » 2021-12-07 17:49:08

Replies: 3

I can't get the Nirsoft apps to download. If I try I get the message

Download Failed check Internet connection and/or firewall

Please whitelist the following addresses
activate.fpnet.fr -TCP 80
download.fpnet.fr - TCP 80
www.fpnet.fr - TCP 80

This suddenly started happening a few revisions ago. I seem to recall a problem highlighted with the Nirsoft downloads but now can't find the details. Updates to actual app work fine.

#5 Help - Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro » Error message "This app can't run on your PC" » 2021-11-15 13:33:08

Replies: 4

I'm surprised that I can't find a solution for this with the search as I doubt I'm the only one to experience this. I've seen it a couple of times before but managed to work around it. This time I can't seem to get past it. Anyone got a possible solution please, thank you.

#7 Help - Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro » Restore to relocated folders » 2019-11-11 13:26:19

Replies: 2

I am transferring from a Windows laptop with one drive to a Windows PC that has an SSD as Drive C for Windows and Programs and a 1TB Data drive as Drive D: The Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Music and Videos have been relocated to the D drive. If I just use the standard Restore option will the software know to put the documents, photos etc. to D:\Users\username\


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