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How to : Make a Win10PE boot CD/DVD including Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro

Win10XPE is a Windows 10 based rescue environment. This is a procedure showing how to make your own PE environment including Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro, so you can use it to recover data from unbootable Windows installations.
This tutorial has been made under Windows 10 Pro x64. It should work with Vista, 7, 8.X and others 10 builds too.
Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro screen shot running under Win10XPE :
Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro running inside WIN10XPE

What you need :
- A computer running Windows Vista/7/8.X/10 32 or 64 bit.
- A genuine Windows 10 32 or 64 bit DVD or ISO file (a real one, not a proprietary restoration medium shipped with your computer). If you need to boot branded Windows 10 OEM computers with secure boot enabled, 64 bit version is recommended. If you do not have one, you can get a copy using Windows ISO Downloader.
- At least 8 GB free on your hard drive.
- Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro (You have to buy and download it in a first place)

In this tutorial, the used Drive will be E and 64bit Windows 10 1909 as source.

Step 1 :
Download Win10XPE from this page :

Step 2:
Extract the files to E:\ drive. You should have a folder named E:\Win10XPE (this is optional).

Step 3 :
Download the Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro script (right-click the link and select save target as).

Step 4 :
Save it folder "E:\Win10XPE\Projects\MyPlugins\Apps\System Tools"

Step 5 :
Create a "E:\SourceWin10x64" folder and copy the Windows 10 DVD content inside

Step 6 :
Run "E:\Win10XPE\Win10XPE.exe"

Step 7 :
Select the "Win10XPE" root on the left tree view, then, select the "E:\SourceWin10x64" folder :

Step 8 :
Select the "Build Core" script and make sure that the WoW64 Basic box is checked. This is required for Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro to run in 64 bit PE:

Step 9 :
Using the tree view on the left, select "Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro (Official plugin in English)" under "Win10XPE\Apps\System Tools" and check its box.

Step 10 :
Specify the Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro folder using this button :
Optional but recommended: Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro should have been started at least once and activated using your order ID and email address used at purchase (you can find them on your order process receipt you got by email). Accept also the EULA (End user License Agreement). This will be saved in a configuration file that will be include to you PE build and avoid it from asking such information at each start.

Step 11 :
Specify your options : shortcuts options, running from ram or not. Leaving the "Run from ram" box unchecked is useful if you are building a USB boot media. This way, Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro files are not packed in the PE, so, you can update your program without recompiling.

Step 12 :
Build the Win10XPE ISO using the big Play button on the right corner :
You may be prompted for files download, let the builder download the files it needs or the build process will fail.

Step 13 :
If you are not building a USB bootable drive, burn the "Win10XPE_x64.ISO" or (Win10XPE_x86.ISO if you used a 32bit Windows 10 media) file inside the "E:\WIN10XPE" folder to a blank medium with you favorite CD/DVD burning software.

Step 14 : if you want to create a bootable USB drive instead of burning a CD/DVD:
- Plug a USB drive in your computer (a fast one if possible). Warning: this drive will be formated, so, please backup its content before going further!
- Select the "Create ISO" script and click the "Copy ISO to USB" button.
- If this boot media will be used to store backups, it is highly recommended to use NTFS file system instead of Fat32 because it can handle files larger than 4 GB. If you are using a hard drive/SSD, NTFS is the best option anyway.
- Select the USB drive to use in the drop down menu and click the "Copy To USB" button:
- Confirm and let it prepare your USB drive.
- Close the utility at the end of the process.

That is it. You now have a Windows 10 rescue boot CD or USB drive including Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro.



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