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#1 2019-11-01 18:45:01

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Unselecting Additional Files cleared checkbox but it still copied


Just wanted to report a possible bug...

I was doing a "Transfer" from a USB connected drive to a new computer using the "Transfer" option in AutoBackup.  I got to the screen where I can select additional folders to copy.  I accidentally selected the entire external USB drive.  I noticed my mistake, cancelled, and unselected it.  The checkbox next to the root of that drive was now clear. 

However, when I proceeded, it did copy additional files from Windows and Program Files, corrupting the fresh Windows installation, so I had to reset Windows (still waiting for that to finish) and will be attempting the transfer, again, soon.

This was just especially bad timing, but was the first issue I've ever had using the program.  Hope it can be easily corrected to save someone else the trouble.

Best Regards,


#2 2019-11-01 18:48:48

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Re: Unselecting Additional Files cleared checkbox but it still copied

Sorry about that. That's not cool for you.
There is a thing to know about how it works : if an entire drive is selected by mistake, to deselect it and its content, it must be collapsed. If it's expanded, only content at the root is ignored, subfolders remain selected for copy.
Just be sure to collapse the node you want to deselect before you do.



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