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#1 2013-04-26 19:58:57

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How to : Make a Win8 PE boot CD/DVD including Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech

Win8PE_SE is a Windows 8 rescue environment . This is a procedure showing how to make your own PE environment easily including Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech. Thanks to Laurent FUGIER for this great contribution.
This tutorial has been made under Windows 8 Enterprise x64. It should work with Vista,  7 and others 8 builds too.
Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech screen shot running under Win8PE_SE :
Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech running inside WIN8PE SE

What you need :
- A computer running Windows VISTA/7/8 32 or 64 bit.
- A genuine Windows 8 32 or 64 bit DVD (a real one, not a proprietary restoration medium shipped with your computer). If you need to boot Windows 8 OEM computers with secure boot enabled, 64 bit version is recommended. If you do not have one, the Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation version will be fine. You can get it there : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/jj554510.aspx
- At least 8 GB free on your hard drive.
- Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech (You have to buy and download it in a first place)

In this tutorial, the used Drive will be E.

Step 1 :
Download Win8PE_SE from this page :

Step 2:
Extract the files to E:\ drive.

Step 3 :
Download the Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech Win8PE_SE plugin to your hard drive.

Step 4 :
Unpack the self exctrating archive to the folder "E:\WIN8PE_SE\Projects\Win8PESE\Apps\System Tools"

Step 5 :
Create a E:\SourceWin8x64 folder and copy the Windows 8 DVD content inside

Step 6 :
Run E:\Win8PE_SE\Win8PESE82_Builder.exe

Step 7 :
Click the "Source" button :

Step 8 :
Specify the Windows 8 files path ("E:\SourceWin8x64") with this button :

Step 9 :
Go back to previous screen by clicking the "Script" button

Step 10 :
Using the tree on the left, select "Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech (Official plugin in English)" under "Win8PE_SE\Apps\System Tools" and check its box.

Step 11 :
Specify the Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech folder using this button :

Step 12 :
Specify the build and run options.

Step 13 :
Build the Win8PE SE iso using the big Play button on the right corner :

Step 14 :
Burn the "Win8PE_x86.ISO" or (Win8PE_x64.ISO) file inside the "E:\WIN8PESE\ISO" to a blank medium with you favorite CD/DVD burning software.

That is it. You now have a Windows 8 rescue boot CD including Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech.



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