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#1 2017-10-04 20:25:23

Registered: 2017-10-04
Posts: 1

[SOLVED] Possible?

My backup process is as follows:
- slave customer drive into our bench machine/dock or we are in the customers machine
- go into each user account to make sure the local computer can view and access files
- backup the full C:\ using Sync Back to \\nas\clients\name

Our restore process:
- use sync back to copy from \\nas\clients\name to c:\oldpc
- manually move files needed

The backup process is annoying and would like to automate that.  Can Fabs do that?


#2 2017-10-04 20:42:50

Registered: 2011-05-11
Posts: 1,250

Re: [SOLVED] Possible?

This can be automated using the command line. There is a command line builder tool bundled in the Fab's AutoBackup package that helps you making the script according to your needs. You can test it with the trial version available here: https://www.fpnet.fr/?page=ab6protrial&lang=en

Interesting tip: If you are replacing a computer with a new one, there is a useful direct transfer feature that saves a lot of time:
- Hook the old drive to the new machine (using sata to usb adapter or slave it)
- Start Fab's AutoBackup
- Select the old drive as source
- map the source users profiles from the old drive to user profiles on the new drive (if the users accounts do not exist yet, you can create them from Fab's AutoBackup interface)
- Select the items to transfer per user profile, do the same thing for public files
- Let the program do its job.
No need to backup then restore, you do all of this in one shot.



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